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The Mangrove Forest Where Only Women Are Allowed To Enter

There is a mangrove forest in Indonesia where men are banned, and only women are allowed to enter. This forest is located in Jayapura, the capital of the Indonesian province of Papua.

This sacred forest symbolizes a special bond among women as generations of women have shared different stories while they are in the forest. They also fill their boats with clams which they gather in the water. These clams are sold in nearby markets. 

 In an interview with a villager by BBC Indonesia’s all-female crew, the villager said: "It's just us women, so we freely share stories with the elders. We plunge our bodies into the sea, feeling our way through the mud for clams."

She also explained some rules which female villagers and visitors have to obey. First, any woman who enters the forest cannot wear clothes. Second, if a man is seen peeking, he will be fined by a tribal court for $69. Payment are made in polished stones.

Photography: BBC World News

Content created and supplied by: CeciliaRice (via Opera News )

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