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Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox: The Bat That Has A Wingspan Bigger Than A Human Being

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Though having mega bats in different countries such as Asia, Australia and Africa, the giant golden-crowned flying fox, or golden-capped fruit, is only found in the Philippines.

They are an epidemic in the Philippines due to the poaching of the meat, which is plentiful in their wings due to their size. It is one of the largest bats species in the world, weighing up to 1.4 kg (3.1 lb).

Where Can They Be Found?

As said, they are exclusive to the Philippines and can be found in the country's different islands, though this population has been extirpated.

The research found that these bats use river corridors to access their main source of food on the fig tree. They are also prone to stay on agricultural fields, but only in undisturbed forest areas.

How Big Are They?

These bats have the biggest wingspan in the world that measures up to an average human.

Are They Dangerous To Humans?

Although these mega bats fly in our skies every day, they pose no harm to the human species because their diet consists of only fruits and some insects.

Actually, it's we humans that are trying to drive this creature into extinction with deforestation and poaching for bush meat. Laws have been made to protect it, but due to tourism their peace is usually disturbed during the day.

Are They Edible?

Yes, very much, but be warned that as many other bar spices, they are the source of emerging infectious diseases such as Reston virus, which is a kind of Ebola virus that affects some primates.


They are said to live up to 24 years in captivity, but there's a lower expectancy for the ones in the wild.


The eating habits of this mega bat play an essential role in forest ecosystems. As it eats fruits, it distributes the seeds all over the forest, contributing to reforestation in the Philippines.

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