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Oguta Lake, Where Two Rivers Flow Side By Side But Never Mix

There are many mysterious lakes in Nigeria and Lake Oguta is no exception. This lake is considered mysterious because it consists of two different bodies of water, one part of the lake is brown and the other is greenish. The specialty of these two lakes is the fact that they flow together but do not mix or blend.

The mysterious Oguta Lake is located in the rainforests of Niger and Imo, Nigeria. This lake has been around for a long time. The two lakes are identified as two angry lakes that flow from each other but never unite.

This Lakes can be recognized as ponds with poor bottoms made of clay, sand and mud. It is considered the largest lake in Imo and is 8.05 km long and 2.41 km wide in the southeast. The water in this lake actually flows from Lake Njaba. The two lakes mentioned flow together, but do not mix. If you look at the lake in the distance, you will find that they do not mix.

Like every mysterious lake in Nigeria, there is always a unique story. According to locals in the area, they believe that the lake is a male and female pair. The greenish lake is known as the female, called Ogbuife, the brownish water is known as the male, called Urashi. According to the legend of the lake, Urashi and his wife Ogbuife quarreled and therefore did not run together.

Lake Oguta is now considered a male and female god, and two special shrines are dedicated to them. Sanctuaries are on both sides of the lake where their worshipers make sacrifices and glorify them. Although the lakes did not mix with each other, the pilgrims were engrossed in each other.

Oguta is a popular tourist attraction and many people flock to the area to see the mysterious lake. People living near the lake see it as a source of food and a means of transportation.

Another thing that makes this lake Oguta unique is the fact that it was one of the theaters during the Nigerian civil war. There was a bunker used by Biafran during the Civil War, but the bunker was blocked. The Nigerian army also uses the lake as a base, which makes the place different.

Lake Oguta is still the same until now, the swift water still flows together without mixing.

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