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Meet The 56-Years-Old Man Who Survived In The Stomach Of A Shark For 40 Seconds

A lot of incredible things are happening in this world, i never thought they could be another Jonah in this present 21st century. The 56 years old diver named Michael Parker explains what he went through after been attacked by a marine mammal while he was on his daily routine in Massachusetts.

Michael Parker is a diver who has reported his experience to the audience, while recounting his testimony, he disclosed how he felt when everything went dark when he was captured by the sea creature, he spent 40 seconds in the stomach of the shark before he was fortunate to be spitted out by the creature.At first, the diver thought that he has been ambushed by a shark but when he was lucky not to be hurt by the shark's teeth, he realizes that he was in the whale's mouth. Coming out from a life-touching situation like that, the crewman who was with the diver pulled him out of the water after the incident.No serious injury was seen on his body, Parker only sustained a few bruises. This is unbelievable as he shares more of his experience while he was in the stomach of the shark.

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