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List Of Men Who Love Spending Their Time With Wild And Dangerous Animals

There are some men out there in the world who have proven to us that the relationship between humans and wild animals such as lions, tigers, hyenas, and others is very much possible. These men are experts in their respective wildlife fields, and I am sure they are enjoying what they are doing.

Below is the list of popular men who love spending their quality time with wild animals, thereby creating interesting wildlife contents for their viewers on social media.

1. Kevin Rene Richardson

Kevin is a South African wildlife conservationist who is popularly known as the lion whisperer. Kevin loves spending time with wild animals such as African lions, black leopards, spotted and striped hyenas.

His relationship with these animals and regular update of wildlife contents on Instagram has earned him over 1.1 million Instagram followers. He has also made over 2 thousand posts, all of which are always entertaining.

Kevin recently works in some animal facilities in South Africa as an animal behaviorist.

2. Dean Schneider

Schneider is a young man from Switzerland but currently based in South Africa where he is running an animal sanctuary. Schneider loves spending time with lions, hyenas, monkeys, and even rhinoceros.

Schneider has over 9.8 million followers on Instagram and over a thousand posts, each of which has over a million views.

According to Schneider, his mission is to make humans love animals extraordinarily, and I believe with the videos he has been uploading and the engagements he has been getting on these videos, he may be gradually getting close to accomplishing his mission.

3. Matt Wright

Wright is a wildlife expert from Australia. He is majorly concerned about crocodiles and what he basically does for these animals is to evacuate them from dangerous areas, provide them with artificial lakes and take full responsibility of them by feeding them and providing other necessary provisions for these animals.

Wright started out as a pilot before he decided to go into wildlife field. Wright has over 300 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 1400 posts. He has a son, Banjo and a wife, Kaia.

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