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Meet The World's Most Friendly Wild Animal [Photos]

We have an unquantifiable number of animals in the world - both domestic and wild. They are all unique in their structure and features.

However, what makes learning about the wild more interesting is the special behaviors of some of the creatures. Some animals are termed the most fearless, others the fastest, slowest, sleepiest, etc.

In this article Genius77 present to you to world's friendliest animal. No, it is not a dog as most people thought. The friendliest is a bigger version of rodents called the Capybara.

Capybara belongs to the family of Hydrochaeris. The rodent which lives mostly in the aquatic habitat earned this title because of its sociable nature. It goes along with all animals including cats and turtles; crocodiles and monkeys.

The capybara feeds on grasses and enjoys swimming - a reason why it is considered a semi-aquatic rodent. It can grow about 4-foot length.

Here are photos of Capybara Socialising with Other Wild Animals...

The capybara's gentle, selfless and harmless character is what earned the title of the friendliest animal on Earth, and also the largest living rodent.

The cute rodent is found in the South-American forests.

The important lesson I learnt from this creature is that: If you are gentle, harmless and open-minded with others you will be saved from a lot of harm.

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Capybara Hydrochaeris


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