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Check Out 4 Mysterious Lakes/Rivers That Can Be Found In Nigeria

Nigeria is home to alot of Mysterious Lakes and Rivers, let's take a look at a few of them below.

1. The Oguta lake

You can't talk about mystery and not mention the popular Oguta lake. This lake is located in the rainforest of Niger State, it can also be found in Imo State, Nigeria. The lake is said to be mysterious because they are two different waters that never meet.

One part of the land has a greenish colour while the other part of the lake is brownish in colour. Both Waters Flow Side by side but they never touch each other no matter what. For all the years that this lake has been in existence, they have never mixed with each other. The lake can be described as a couple that have been angry with each other for a long time.

2. The River Ethiope

This is another mysterious River which can be found in Umuahia, Delta State, Nigeria. It is described as the biggest waterway in Africa and it is also unique in it's own way. What makes it mysterious is actually the source of the water, it doesn't come from the rain or a dam.

The water from the River Ethiope flows from the foot of a silk cotton tree. The water source is a scared one and the tree is guarded by the people in the area. The water from this River flows from 4 places, it flows from under the tree and also around the tree. People travel far and wide to come see the mystery of the river Ethiope.

3. The Sogidi lake

This river is actually more mysterious than the other Rivers that were mentioned. The lake can be found in the town of Awe, Oyo State, Nigeria. The lake is said to be sacred and even the fishes in the lake are not meant to be killed or even eaten.

4. The Edan Stream

Just like the Sogidi lake, people are also prohibited from fishing from the Edan Stream. This particular stream can be found in Osun State and it has been in existence for a long time. According to a publication by Tribune online, fishes do not even swim in the stream.

The people living close to the stream also believe that the stream has some healing powers.


Most of these places are now tourists sites where people visit to explore the mysteries in the country.

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