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Check Out Some Interesting Facts About Animals

Do you know that tardigrade ( known as water bear) can survive in space, not only that it can also survive space radiation too.

Do you know that zombie ant actually exist this ant are usually affected by a species of fungi and when infected this fungi takes control of the ant body and infect other ants by releasing spores.

Do you know that the deadliest insect is actually a mosquito as it has high capacity in transmission of disease like yellow fever, malaria.

Do you know that some species of turtle can actually breath through their butt, not only turtles but other animals like sea cucumber and dragon flies

Do you know that some animal blood are not always red, like that of octopus which is blue and also the plasma which acts as blood in insect happens to be yellowish green.

Do you know that migrating birds might be able to see earths magnetic fields using quantum entanglement this birds use earth magnetic fields to navigate 1000 of mile.

Do you know that there are some species of jelly fish that happen to be immortal, this species grow into old ones and then renew it self to a young one.

Do you know that Kangaroo rats can survive a year without drinking water, this is possible because they derive their water from the plant they feed on.

Do you know that wombat have their pouch facing down just to avoid hurting it baby known as joey while digging the soil.

Do you know that cicadas uses it exoskeleton to sing.

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