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Briton Alex, The Man That Was Able To Massage The Feet of A Lion

Gaining the trust of a wild animal is a hard achievement to have because we humans are taking their homes slowly, but some people like Briton Alex try to make their lives better for future generations to enjoy their existence.

This is Brit Alex Larenty, a lion trainer aged 50 and lives and works in a game reserve in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He was more respected and liked by a 250 kg male lion named Jamu, who usually lies down and gets cream on his feet while he lets his keeper massage his gigantic paw.

Why does Alex massage the lion's feet?

Lions are wild animals, meaning they stay outside and are subjected to parasites and insects. Alex massages them with a cream that keeps the insects away.

Ge was able to build the first stage of trust because he reared many lion cubs from birth, he was able to walk into Jamu’s pride and play games while surrounded by huge numbers of the massive predators.

Why did lions not attack Alex?

This was not only built on trust but Commensalism, which is a type of relationship between two different animal species whereby only one benefits from it. 

Male lions will take any opportunity they have to have food and comfort, so they see Alex as their comfort and don't want to lose him.

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