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Scientific Causes of Goosebumps

Goosebumps are the result of tiny muscles flexing in the skin, making hair follicles rise up a bit. This causes hairs to stand up. Goosebumps are involuntary reaction meaning they arise from the sympathetic nervous system the nerves that control emergency responses, example of this phenomenon is in the animal kingdom when a prey realizes a predator about to pounce its hair furs stand and it attempts to flees on sight, the autonomic nerves kick in fight or flight scene such as that.

The skin system is fascinating in that it has numerous stem cells surrounded by diverse cell types, and is located at the interface between our body and the exterior. Therefore, its stem cells could in turn respond to diverse types of stimuli from the whole body or even the outside environment, we therefore observe an interesting a dual action that goosebumps are not only realized by the stem cells under steady state, but also controls stem cell behaviour according to external temperature changes.

Goosebumps is useful because it helps body system you conserve heat when cold sets in doing this in the accordingly ;

  • By Contraction of the large arrector muscles in the skin called arrectores pilorum which generates heat.
  • By raising hair follicles allowing skin pores to close.
  • By making Hairs standing up trap a layer of air near the skin with its low surface area, conserving body heat.

Some explanations claim that this phenomenon of Goosebumps may not be so important in humans like furry animals and may be one of the remnants of evolutions popular in times of mammalian ancestry such as the coccyx or tailbone with little or no human usefulness.

Some people associate goosebumps with unpleasant situations, such as feeling particularly cold or feeling afraid However it is more linked to sympathetic nervous system, the arrectores pilorum with input from many parts of the brain, including those involved with motivation, arousal, and emotion such as pride surprise and excitement. goosebumps when linked to disease can be a sign of a seizure disorder in epilepsy or while trying to go cold turkey in quitting addiction. Its however a phenomenon still being researched and deliberated upon now and till the future.

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