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4 Home remedies you should use to help get rid of wall geckos from your home.

Some people take it like a normal thing when they see wall geckos in their home while others hate seeing these crawling lizards. These small lizards are of diverse colors ranging from white, brown, milky and even multiple colors. They could be found on the wall, ceiling or even on the ground. They also help in getting rid of flies, cockroaches and other tiny insects from your house but this may not be a valid reason to leave them in your house. I will share home remedies you can use to get rid of these small lizards from your home.

Below are the home remedies.

1. Mothballs.

Keep the moth balls in areas were wall gecko stay or hide. The repelling smell of the mothballs helps to chase wall geckos away from your home.

2. Pepper spray.

Pepper spray is made by mixing hot powdery pepper and water together. The resultant mixture should be used to spray round your house. The irritating and choking smell of the pepper spray assists in chasing wall gecko away from your home.


Garlic is not only know for its medicinal properties but also for its repelling properties. Peel the garlic and keep them in areas where these small lizards stay. The strong smell of the garlic helps to chase wall gecko away from your home.

4. Onions

Cut your onions into slices and keep it in corners of your house, cracked walls and other places were wall gecko stay. The smell of the onions will help to get rid of the wall geckos from your home.

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