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Photos of Lions, Girrafe, Gorilla and other animals in Nigerian Zoos

There are different categories of life, we have the domestic life, wild life, marine life, life in space and many others but most humans are very comfortable with the domestic life.

This doesn't mean that there aren't people who once in a while want a piece of that extraordinary life. We've had men visit other planets, make researches in the oceans to have a feel of what the marine world looks like and many have brought in wild animals from the forest to be in Zoos.

While some wild animals are kept in the Zoo for people to see and relate with what they see in movies, documentaries and read in books, some people live with some animals like the Hyena and use it to make money from the amazement of people.

University of Ibadan for example has a popular Zoological garden where people visit a lot, we have the Ogba Zoo in Benin, the Port Harcourt zoo and many others that have these beautiful animal.

HHere are photos of Lion, Girrafe, Ostrich, Hyena, Jackal, Warthog, Deer Gorilla, Crocodile, Honey Badger, Camel, Crane and other animals in Nigerian Zoos.

There are beautiful places to visit in Nigeria, what was your experience when you visited a Nigerian Zoo, which animal were you eager to see?

Credit: University of Ibadan Zoo, Ogba Zoo Benin and Port Harcourt Zoo.

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Girrafe Hyena Nigerian University of Ibadan Zoo


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