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10 Animals That Can Live Without Food And Water For Months

When it comes to food and feeding, the animal kingdom is different from humans. Humans can hardly survive without food and water for days. But did you know that there are some animals which can live without water to drink or food to eat? Yes, these animals can still survive and live for months or even years with no food and water.

1. Sharks

Surprisingly, sharks can survive even without food for eight to ten weeks and sometimes three months. A single meal of around eleven toons will be enough for them for this period. Sharks have amazing hunting skills because, during this time of no food, it becomes more perfect and more intense hunting skills at the period.

2. Spiders

Spiders are special insects that have the ability to reserve food and hide it somewhere. However, there are some moments when there is no food to catch. When the moment comes, spiders can live without food for three to four months and sometimes even a year.

3. Galapagos tortoises

Interestingly, the Galapagos tortoise can survive up to two to three years without any water or food. It is the largest species of tortoise and it weighs approximately 400 kg. 

4. Penguins

Metabolism is reduced during cold weather or winter in the life of penguins. They can survive without food or water for as long as two to four months. The male penguins keep the baby penguins comfy and warm. 

5. Frogs

Frogs have the ability to survive the environment even without food for weeks, and sometimes even for sixteen months.

6. Crocodiles

Crocodiles usually don't need food to maintain their body temperature. They store and conserve their energy. Crocodiles are capable of moving slowly and even stay motionless. This strategy helps them stay for months without food.

7. Bears

Bears tend to sleep longer during winter or the cold season. Due to this their metabolism is slow and as a result of the slow activity of metabolism, they preserve their energy and stay up to one hundred days without food and water.

8. Olms

This type of carnivore is found in water underground caves. They are found commonly in Italy and Balkans. They are special species because they are blind and colorless creatures. Olms can survive up to ten years with no food.

9. Scorpion

Scorpions can survive up to a year without food. They consume large quantities of food in a single meal.

10. Camels

The humps on the camel's back are where they store their fats. It helps them to live with no water for about forty days. 

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