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Meet The Dinka Tribe of South Sudan: The Tallest People in the World(Photos).

Today we'll be looking at the Dinka Tribe of South Sudan and why they're so Tall.

The Dinka people, a Nilotic tribe from South Sudan, are known as some of the tallest people in Africa and the world at Large. The tribe originated from the Gezia in a place that is now known as Sudan. It should be noted that the Dinka people live mostly on Farmlands as they depend mostly on livestock for their Livelihood. The Dinka people are about 4.5 million in population. The average male height is 182.6 cm according to a survey done among 52 Dinka men.

How the Dinka became some of the tallest people in the world has been somewhat a mystery. A popular explanation is Nutrition a Calorie- Stuffed diet rich in dairy products, grains and meat. Another explanation is that animals around the area in South Sudan adapt to the climate which is hot and humid. These animals usually have long arms and legs, which facilities the heat, simply explained the theory means that humans like animals also adapt to the climate.

Dinka people are extremely tall and slender. They are believed to be the Tallest people in Africa.

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