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African Bird With The Longest Eyelashes (Secretary Bird).

Good Day People.

Have you ever heard of the bird called SECRETARY BIRD, (NO OR YES). Anyways I would be talking about some amazing features of this bird.

Secretary bird is said to be a very powerful bird, whose legs is said to be as a spear and knobkieire, aiding to their hunt for snakes symbolizing protection against enemies.

The Secretary Bird is easily recognized as a very large terrestrial bird, with an eagle like head and a crane like body. Many people says that it is a Devine Majesty.

It has a length between 112 and 150cm, and wingspan between 191 and 215cm, it stands about 1.3m tall (4ft).The Secretary Bird are said to not be dangerous. They were even kept by Africans as a pet and also in their farm land to chase away pest and snakes.They fly only when necessary, to reach their nest or display of courtship.The Secretary Bird are also called Sagittarius Serpentarius.

They have a very long eyelashes and it's said that their eyelashes started growing since when they were three weeks old.They are distinguished by its long legs and a dramatic black crest of feathers at the back of its head.

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Article by Zainab Hussein.

Thank you.

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