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3 things you should learn from eagles

Learning is a continuous process. Today I will show you three things you must learn from this unique bird, eagle.


Eagles are know to be a very agile and strong bird. The ways of the eagle in the sky, negotiating the mighty wind, soaring to incredible heights, covering great distance. We should imitate the eagle's agility. The eagle being agile makes it catch its prey unawares.


The eagles have great focus, they never get distracted. The eagle first focus on its prey before it makes its quick moves. It's eye is a very good instrument for this. You have to keep focused on your goals and don't get distracted.


The eagle teaches, supports, protects and motivate its young ones. The mother eagle teaches it's young by hovering around the nest, making them feel eager to fly. The young becomes motivated and start beating its wings furiously, practicing how to fly,take off and land. You have to be someone that motivates others and teach them right.

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