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Dung Beetle: The World’s Strongest Insect

Dung beetles are species of beetles that belongs to the superfamily Scarabaeidae which feeds on feaces.

They are classified into three groups which are; the rollers, the tunnelers and the dwellers. The rollers roll dung into round balls that are used as a source of food or breeding chamber; the tunnelers then bury the dung anywhere they find it; and lastly, the dwellers who lives in the dung.

They are of different sizes ranging from about 5-30 mm (0.2-1.2 inches) and weighs about 99.22 grams. Dung beetles are normally dark in colour, though some have a metallic lustres.

Where are they found

They are found in all continents of the world except Antarctica, and they live in prairies, desert habitat, farmland, forest and grassland.

How long do they live

They have a lifespan of about 3 years.

How strong are they?

They are famous for their ability to lift heavy weights and the strongest beetle which is called Orthophagus taurus, during an experiment was able to pull a weight that is 1,141 times its own body weight and this is equal to a 150 pounds (70 kilogram) human lifting six full double-decker buses or two fully loaded 18-wheeler trucks.

Two facts about them

1. Dung beetles are coprophagous Insects, and eat feaces or excrements of other organisms.

2. They are good parents, that is they show great parental care towards their young ones.

Importance of the dung beetles

Dung beetles are of numerous benefits for the health and functioning of both natural and man-made ecosystems. They help in reducing livestock parasites, promoting plant growth and also dispersing of seeds.

They are also dried and use for Chinese herbal medicines.

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Antarctica Dung Beetle


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