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First Aid For Snake Bite: 4 Things You Should Do And Things You Should Not Do

One of the most deadly animals we have in this world that poses a great danger to humans are snakes. This is because a single snake bite can send a full grown adult to the grave or even make a person lose his or her loved ones surprisingly without prior plans or arrangements. Due to how dangerous snakes are, there is need to know what you should do incase someone close to you is bitten by a snake and things you should not do.

So, in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the things you should do incase you're bitten by a snake and what you should not do according to medical experts. Just sit tight and learn something new from this piece whilst enjoying yourself.

What Are The Things You Should Do Immediately After A Snake Bite?

1. Protect The Person; this is one of the things you should do immediately after a person is bitten by a snake. First of all, take such a person out of the reach of the snake and also in a comfortable place.

2. Keep The Person Calm; this is another very important tip that should he taken seriously. It might sound illogical to keep a person bitten by a snake calm but it is highly advisable because keeping the person calm would reduce the speed at which the venom is moving in the blood stream.

3. Cover The Wounded Area with Bandage if you have any; this is another thing you should do immediately to keep a bitten person safe. If you have bandage, cover the wounded area with a sterile bandage pending the arrival of the doctor.

4. Remove Jewelry Or even the footwear from the part of the body that was bitten and also endeavour to mark the colour of the snake as to help the medical practitioners with appropriate recognition of the snake and how to tackle it in terms of treatment.

What Shouldn't You Do in a Case Of Snake Bite?

1. Do not under any circumstances, cut the wound open. I know you might have heard from conspiracy theorists that cutting the wound open would help get rid of the venom. This is an unfounded story and should not be taken Seriously.

2. Give the Person Alcohol or Any Caffeinated Drink; this is another false story that has been spreading that once a person is bitten, giving such a person alcohol or any other caffeinated drink would take care of the problem. This is false and as such, it is advisable to wait for the arrival of the doctors before taking any action.

3. Don't attempt to suck out the venom for any reason. This is not true in anyway and wouldn't work. Just lay the person calmly while waiting for the doctor's arrival.

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