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Meet 3 Animals That Have A Longer Lifespan Than Humans

1. Giant tortoises

Giant tortoises are of different species and are mainly found in two remote groups of tropical islands, the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador and Fregate Island in Seychelles. Its height ranges from 69-91cm with a body length of 122-152cm.

The Galapagos Giant Tortoise has a weight of 150-250kg, which is much more than that of an adult male Giant Panda. It's lifespan ranges from 100-150 years.

2. Tuatara

The Tuatara is one of the most underestimated reptiles, despite having a lot of unique attributes. Tuatara have a third eye that is only visible when they are young. Their third eye is covered by their skin as they get older. The eye is majorly used for light sensitivity and it also helps them judge the time of the day and the season as well.

Tuatara only come out at night to hunt for food, while young Tuatara hunt for food in the day to avoid being eaten by adult Tuatara at night. Tuataras mainly feed on lizards, birds, insects, and bird's eggs.

Tuataras were discovered in New Zealand in 1989, and this species of reptile is still only found there.They have a lifespan of 60 years, but most of them have stayed longer than 100 years.

3. Orange Roughy

Considering the size of an Orange Roughy, most people will definitely predict its lifespan to be less than that of a Bettafish (4 years), but unfortunately, the Orange Roughy has an average lifespan ranging from 125-150 years. This species of fish is mainly found in Namibia, Australia, and New Zealand.

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