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OPINION: Jungle Justice Is A Rule For The Jungle And There Should Be No Room For It In Nigeria

Recent events appear to indicate that a segment of Nigerian society no longer values human life. Aside from the senseless killings and gang wars that have erupted across the country, the return of jungle justice is the latest disturbing trend that should cause any rational person to raise an eyebrow. Many people's lives have been taken at the slightest provocation, and the situation is becoming more concerning by the day.

Nigerians must be rescued from social ills, internal and external conflicts, and moral decay. Nigeria's citizens are in desperate need of reorientation. There is a looming danger looming over this nation's future, and we cannot afford to go to bed and watch our society devolve into abuse of human lives, disrespect for the rule of law, intolerance for one another, and the unwholesome practice of incivility and socioeconomic decadence.

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The jungle rules are designed for the jungle. Because Nigeria is not a jungle, extrajudicial executions are unacceptable. The lynching of suspected bandits in Ilela, Sokoto and other killings across Nigeria are intolerably repulsive, and we have taken action to address the issue, calling on Nigerians to first stop mob lynching, which has resulted in the deaths of many innocent people.

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There are laid down rules and that's why we have the court of law to pass the right judgment on anyone found guilty. The heavens weep for the souls of the victims whose bodies are set ablaze as a result of jungle justice, which is no justice at all. Could it be that some Nigerians have lost faith in the judicial system?

As a people, we must redefine our values. There are legal guidelines for how a suspect should be treated. We must always consider the rule of law in all circumstances, because some victims may be innocent. As a result, we must insist on the rule of law.

The failure of justice, the failure of society to apply uniform and equal standards and processes to everyone, the failure of society to protect its people from the whims of base and irrational human instincts and impulses, is symbolised by jungle justice. A broken, lawless society allows a few people to take laws into their own hands and sometimes take human life as a result of that power.

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When people in society take laws into their own hands, they are essentially expressing the belief that state institutions of law and order are dysfunctional and lack trust or confidence. When people trust those institutions, it is much easier to involve them when crimes occur.

SOURCE: Vanguard

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