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Here's The Video Of The Starving Lions At Obafemi Awolo University Zoo

The problem of famine is almost every where around the nation but it seems to have also affected the animals within. Most people complains hunger nowadays and it seems so sad to see that some animals are kept in the zoo and also left to suffer massive hunger as well.

Here in this article, you will see the video of the hungry lions that were discovered at OAU "Obafemi Awolo University" at Ibadan.

Watch Video : (

This is so sad to watch these animals suffering like this. Animals are not like humans, once they are being caged, they are supposed to be taken care of. However, if one can't take care of the caged animals, they should be set the animals free because they can take care of their selves.

These lions are really suffering, the video ever since it surface on the internet have raised so much reaction. Some people thinks it's wise to flee these animals since the authorities could no longer take care of them.

Lions are flesh eaters and they can barely survive without good nutrition. They are king of the jungle and they are better off on their own. However, if one wish to keep an animal like lion in the zoo, the person should also be capable of providing the proper food that could help sustain them. What do you have to say about this.

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