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Health Dangers Of Snails When Eaten Raw

Snails are common crawling animals that are seen in almost every compound in Nigeria. This has made it a delicacy for both the rich and the poor. It has become very popular that it is even sold and reared on farms.

With this increased popularity of snail, researchers went in, to find out if it actually has some disadvantages and ways in which these disadvantages can be prevented.

On several studies, they found out some things about snails, in this article, I will be talking about these things that have been found in snails that could cause harm to the human body.

According to a study made by a human ecologist, Susanne sokolow, he said that fresh water snails which we commonly see contain a parasite known as Schistosomiasis, this parasites gets infected into the snail when it comes in contact with contaminated fresh water.

When humans eat snails that are not properly cooked or washed, they get infected by Schistosomiasis, they could also get infected through skin to water contact with a contaminated water.

According to the ecologist, Schistosoma which is the parasite is regarded as one of the deadliest parasites in the world that has accounted for the death of thousands of people.

According to the study nearly 250 million people suffer from Schistosomiasis mostly in Asia, Africa and south America. When Schistosoma gets into the body, it goes straight to affect the liver, kidney, brain, spinal cord and lungs, only a few people survive it, if they notice it in time.

Some of the symptoms of Schistosomiasis include fever, rash, headaches, body aches and breathing difficulties at its early stage.

At an advance stage of the disease, there are signs like diarrhea, constipation, blood in the urine, blood in faeces, intestinal ulcer, high blood pressure and painful urination.

Note: I am not saying you should stop eating snails, what am implying is that you wash it properly with salt, parboil properly and don't allow your little kids to watch over it when it has not been washed as they may be tempted to eat it raw.


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