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Scrub Jay, The Bird That Plans For The Future By Doing These 2 Things

Planning ahead of the future is often believed to be human activities, but now, one specie of bird which is the western Scrub Jay has been discovered of being able to plan for their future.

The California Scrub jay is a species of scrub jay that is found in western North America and lives in areas of low scrubs. They prefer pinon juniper forest, edges of mixed evergreen forest and oak woods.

They are medium-sized birds, with about 27-31 cm (11-12 in) in length, wingspan of about 39cm (15 in), and weighs about 80g (2.8 oz). Scrub jay's colour ranges from blue head, wings and tail, grayish underparts, white eyebrows and a grey-brown back.

What do they eat

Scrub jay eats small animals like lizards and frogs, eggs and babies of other birds, insects. They also eat grains, berries and nuts during winter.

Two things they do that shows they plan for their future

1. Scrub jays are able to make provision for their future by preferentially caching food in a place because they have learnt that they will be hungry the following morning.

2. Also, scrub jays are able to store food differently, by keeping a particular food in a place where that kind of food will not be available the following day.

How long do they live

Their life expectancy in the wild is about 9 years, but can live up to 15-19 years in captivity.

Are they dangerous

Scrub jays are known to be aggressive birds and are believed to be worse during mating season.

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