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Reactions As Man Shares Photos Of His Bathing Soap, After It was Eaten By A Rat

Rat is a very popular household pest as it eats almost anything it can find. Rats eat paper raw food items, plastic and even wood. Infact, rats eat anything possible and they can survive for long without water.

A Twitter user with the username @JustKingss shared pictures of his bathing soap after it was eaten by a rat. The Twitter user who is based in Lagos based in Lagos because he tweeted, "Nothing fit shock me again in this Lagos. Rat eating my bathing soap". This is a proof that rats eat anything. It was reposted by @Naija_PR on their verified Twitter account.

The funny part of the whole situation is that the soap looked like a ripe pawpaw or mango fruit.

Reactions On Twitter.

A lot of people talked about the soap, they said the soap was looking like a ripe fruit which made it eat the soap.

Thanks for reading my article.

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