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Your house is no longer safe when these animals enter

Our homes are regarded as place of comfort, to rest , relax and enjoy privacy, but what happens when our privacy is disturbed by uninvited intruders. These intruders regarded as wild animals can be very dangerous and much be dealt with.

Here are list of wild animals that can easily enter our homes:

1. Snakes: Snakes especially the diamondback rattlesnakes are wild animals that can cause lots of harm in our homes when threatened, the threats is simply bumping into them in your own home. They like cool areas.

2. Scorpions: They are dangerous animals that when they enter your house, they tend to hide in piled laundry or bedsheets or even your shoes. When offended, they sting your flesh and it may result in death of victim.

3. Black spider widow: This kind of wild animal hide in old webs, dark corners of a room . It can cause respiratory failure when it bites someone.

4. Mice infected with Hanta virus: They are very common near houses, they drop their wastes which contains Hanta virus.

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Scorpions Snakes


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