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Have You Seen The Photos Of This Man Who Spends Most Of His time With Lions?

The very first time I saw his pictures with Lions, I instantly dismissed them to be photoshopped. It was very hard to believe that someone could be that close to Lions. After a few weeks I saw the pictures and did not believe, I stumbled on his video again, and that was when I believed that the pictures I had seen several weeks earlier, were hundred percent real. I decided to do some findings about the guy, and that was how I found out that his name is Dean Schneider, and he is a Swiss animal sanctuary founder, who is based in South Africa.

Technically, many of the photos and videos we received from Dean were being shot in Africa, specifically South Africa. You would also be surprised that Dean has a heavy social media presence, as he has gathered a lot of followers on Instagram, because of his consistency in churning out photos and video clips of himself and his Lions having fun, and playing games.

Moreso, Dean is not just a good friend to Lions, this guy has a deep connection with other animals too, animals such as snakes, monkeys, and even hyenas. He is just overly crazy about animals. So, who is this guy, how did he end up in South Africa, playing hide and seek games with what people would call dangerous animals? But, before we move into that, let us see some of his photos with his animal friends.

So, who is this guy called Dean Schneider?

Initially, this guy was a banker and financial planner in Switzerland, he had actually studied finance at the age of 21, before creating his own personal financial planning company, and in three years, he was already boasting of about 50 employees. However, it seemed this guy just studied finance for formality sake, his true love was with wildlife. Dean pursued his love for wildlife in 2017, after he flew to South Africa to establish a wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation centre called "Hakuna Mipaka" which means "No limit".

This sanctuary was created for Lions born in captivity. However, it also hosts animals like zebras, hyenas, baboons, Kapala, snakes, kudu and many more, most of which Dean has a good relationship with. Dean has always been an advocate of wildlife, he believes that humans and animals can be connected in a special way, and he has been proving that to us on his Instagram page, through his daily release of videos and pictures, just like the ones you see above.

Dean has entirely changed people's perception about wildlife, long live Dean.

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