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These Photos Will Show You Why The Eagle is Called the "King of Birds

There are many reasons why people are given different titles. This is because these people have a unique talent or come from a very unique lineage, the same goes for certain animals. The Eagle is one animal that was born with a unique characteristics that earn it the title of "King of Birds".

Because of the special characteristics of the Eagle, it earned a special title and it is widely used as symbols of Kings. It is also used in the Coat of arm of several Nations of the world including Nigeria.

So in this article, I am going to show you photos that prove why the Eagle is called the King of Birds and why it is.

1. The Eagle is very Courage

Among all birds, Eagles are the most courageous. They can go after any animal not minding it's size. It is not even afraid of the snakes or even humans. It has been seen attacking humans and on several occasions attacking a lion.

2. It is a symbol of strength

The Eagle's ability to fly really fast and grab a prey bigger than it is, has made it an exceptional animal. It has been seen several carrying animals like a lamb and even attempting to carry a human baby.

3. Speed and agility

The Eagle is one of the fastest birds in the world. This is why it can capture fishes swimming in the ocean before it can even drown. It's speed and agility has made it exceptional.

4. Fearlessness

The Eagle's fearlessness is another characteristics that has made it very exceptional. It is not afraid of any animal not even humans.

5. It flies in troubled storm

While other birds run away when the run begins to fall, The Eagle doesn't. The Eagle flies in troubled storms without even being afraid.

6. It renews it's life and strength

The Eagle goes up to the mountain and renews it's strength after 30 years of age. This is one other characteristics that has made it a really exceptional animal.

7. It Doesn't feed on dead animals.

Unlike other animals, the Eagle likes to find its prey and feed on it. It doesn't like to take advantage on foods that are already killed.

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