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5 Insects Many Nigerians Enjoy Eating And Their Health Benefits

In Nigeria, there are many types and species of insects. Nigerians have been able to discover that some, of these insects are edible. Scientific studies have also shown that, insects contain a lot of nutritents and are therefore, very beneficial to the health.

It is important to note that, the practice of human being eating insects is known as, entomaphagy

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Five Insects That Many Nigerians Love Eating And Their Health Benefits

1. Grasshoppers: grasshopper is one the most popular insects that is prepared and eaten by the people of Maiduguri in Borno state. Grasshopper are usually salted and fried o,r sun dried and consumed with grinded pepper.

Grasshoppers are crunchy and tasty insect that are, rich in protein and minerals which helps to improve metabolism.

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2. Winged Termites: this is a common insect delicacy amongst the Igbos. Winged termites are called, "akubembe" in Igbo language and they are usually found during the raining season hovering around light bulbs. These insects are captured using water, they are then washed, salted and roasted.

These have a very special taste and are crunchy in nature. These insects are a really rich source of iron and calcium which helps to strengthen the bones and prevent anemia.

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3. Palm Weevil Larvae: this is another insect delicacy that is popular amongst the people of the Southeast. These white segmented insects are found in palm trees which is why they are called, palm tree weevil.

After capturing this insect from the palm tree, they are washed and roasted, they are usually decorated with pepper. Palm weevil larvae are usually sold in traffic.


4. Cricket: many people only know crickets as the insects that makes noise at night, and are unaware of the fact that, crickets are also a nutritent dense delicacy. Crickets are usually prepared by frying or, sun drying and they have a unique taste.

Crickets are a rich source of healthy fats which helps to promote heart health and prevent heart diseases. They are also a rich source of amino acids.

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5. Caterpillar: this insect is popularly refered to as Ololo by the Igbos. This caterpillar can be prepared and eaten as a whole dish, it can also be used to prepare other traditional dishes like, 'ugba'. 

Caterpillar is a very rich source of calcium, healthy fats, protein, iron etc. These nutritent helps to promote heart health, strengthen bones and prevent anemia.

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