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3 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Matt Wright, Man Who Loves Spending Time With Crocodiles

This might definitely be the first time some of us are hearing about Matt Wright, you may ask, what is so special about this man? Well, if you have ever wondered if there is any man on earth who likes spending time with crocodiles, then you may just be thinking about Matt Wright without knowing it.

It is enlightening to know some things about this man, whose high expertise of dealing with one of the deadliest animals on Earth remains a subject of admiration to his followers. Below are the 3 things you should know about Matt Wright, the man who loves spending his time with crocodiles.

1. The first thing we should know about Matt is that he is a family man from Australia. He has a son, Banjo Wright and a lovely wife, Kaia Wright. This is not just an ordinary family, these two individuals in Matt's life are in total support of what he does. Matt's wife and son have also shown interest in wildlife, but they prefer to stick with birds and kangaroos for now.

Banjo, his underage son is gradually taking lessons on how to handle wild animals from his father. In one of the last videos Matt uploaded on his Instagram page, his little son could be seen dragging a huge snake by its tail with his father standing and giving him instructions on what to do.

Little Banjo also has his calf, an animal he plays and spend quality time with.

2. Matt did not start out as a wildlife expert or a man who is deeply concerned about crocodiles, he started out as a helicopter pilot before he ventured into being a wildlife expert. So, the things Matt does with crocodiles are to move them from unsuitable habitats, create artificial lakes and saltwater, and feed them. Matt feeds these crocodiles fresh meat, and it is always exciting to see how he feeds them, despite the fact that the act could be dangerous sometimes.

3. Matt has over 300 thousand followers on Instagram, he has over 1400 posts on the account and most of his individual video posts gathers as many as over 100 thousand views on his page.

It is interesting to see a man who shares a strong relationship with crocodiles, animals that are known to be very dangerous to humans. I am sure that Matt must be proud of what he does.

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