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Check Out The Correct Name For This Animal

Nigerians have a way of naming things or animals in our own ways. Sometimes the names would sound perfect that everyone would believe that it is the right name in English.

There is this animal we all know in the country as IDIOT. The animal is not known as IDIOT in English but all across the country if you hear such name for animal just know that they are talking about this animal. See the photo of the animal below.

But as Nigerians we are supposed to make research on our own to know the right English words for somethings we wrongly pronounce or give wrong name to.

The right English name for this animal that we call, IDIOT is HEDGEHOG. Hedgehog is the spiny animal shown in the picture above. It has the ability to roll itself into a ball which makes it very difficult or impossible for any predator to attack it. It has a peculiar smell that differenitate it from other animals.

No more Idiot but Hedgehog. I'm sure we have learnt something here.

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