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Meet Two People Who Are Living With Wild Animals

There are so many strange things that are going on in different parts of the world. Some people are afraid of wild animals, while others are living with wild animals in the comfort of their home. We will be discussing two people who are living with wild animals.

1: Dean Schneider

Dean Schneider is a very famous man who hails from Switzerland. He have so much love and passion for wildlife and he decided to travel to South Africa to build a very big wildlife park. He named the Park, Hakuna Mikapa which means no limit in Swahili.

Dean Schneider says"My mission is to reach as many people as possible and educate them about the wildlife and the beauty of the animal kingdom". Dean Schneider has always loved animals since he was Six years old and had vowed to live with wildlife all his life

See more stunning photos of Dean Schneider living with wild animals

2: Janice Haley

Janice Haley is very famous woman who hails from Florida. She is living with two big Bengal Tigers in her home. One of the tiger is a female called Sanda while the other one is a male called Janda. The two tigers live in a garden at the backyard of her house in Orlando in Florida.

According to a, Janice Haley mission is to bring people closer together with wild animals and to build a connection to help save the wild tigers in different parts of the world.

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