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Top three Most Savage Animal Rivalries In The World

In the animal world, there are animal enemy pairs – predator and prey. Between the Polar Bear versus the Walrus, the Crocodile versus the Anaconda and the Elephant versus the Rhinoceros, we’d like to steer clear of these animals and their enemies. WatchMojo counts down three natural enemies in the animal kingdom that will rip each other apart if given the chance.

Walrus vs polar bear

The fight: A walrus can weigh up to a ton - three times as much as a polar bear. But the polar bear, described as the most carnivorous of all the bears, has a natural advantage: it lives off the flesh of seals - a similar foe to their tusked cousins. With the blubbery walrus's 4ft tusks and the bear’s 3in canines, this battle on the ice always looks likely to get bloody - and it does.

Steve Bunce says: The walrus has the best killing tools in nature but is at heart a pacifist, which is not good in a fight against a permanently angry polar bear.

Result: Walrus gets eaten.

Grizzly Bear vs. Wolf

Admittedly, bears and wolves have little reason to fight. The woods are big enough for the both of ‘em, and they don’t really compete over prey. But both are willing to scavenge, and aren’t above getting scrappy over a carcass. On rarer occasions, wolves have been seen attempting to catch a bear cub. One on one, a wolf doesn’t stand a chance against a grizzly bear. A grizzly typically weighs in four times heavier than any wolf, and a single well-placed swipe of its paw can cause massive internal damage. But wolves usually travel in packs, and using their speed and agility, they can coordinate their strikes to send a grizzly packing. It’s strength vs numbers.

Sperm Whale vs. Giant Squid

Sperm Whales range from 49 to 59 feet (15 to 18 meters) and can dive as deep as 3280 feet (1000 meters), and that is probably where they find their mortal enemy. Giant Squids are deep-sea creatures that can be the real versions of the mighty mythological Kraken (The biggest ever found measured 59 feet (18 meters).

Unfortunately, the fights between those giants happen at such deepness that it has never been caught on tape. How do we know that these events even occur? Well, it is common to find Sperm Whales with scars that match the Giant Squid tentacles as well as indigestible squid body parts in its stomach. The Sperm Whale dives searching for food and engage in a life and death contend with the Giant Squids and it is not that impossible to imagine an outcome that is not much favorable for the whales.

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