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Meet The Intelligent Penguin That Was Able To Go To The Market To Get Fish

Human society has influenced the nature of some animals intellectually, giving them the ability to understand gestures, words and commands. There is a penguin that has been able to understand routes on how to get her meal without having to hunt for it, its name is Lala.

Lala was a male king penguin that was rescued and taken in by a Japanese family after he was caught and injured in a fishing net, the family managed to nurture the dying penguin back to health.

The family tried to return him to his original home, but he had already gotten too attached to them, so the family decided to provide the optimal condition for a penguin by providing an air-conditioned room for him. They also taught the penguin how to get fish from the market and provided him with a bag.

He was able to roam the town freely because it was a small suburban area where everyone knew him because of his skill.

Is Lala still alive?A documentary was taken on the penguin in 1996 when it was 10 years old, but sadly, Lala is dead. Thanks for reading.

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