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Countries without rivers

A river is a permanent body of running water. The United Nations recognizes 193 countries, some of which host impressive rivers like the Amazon and Mississippi, Rivers are important sources of livelihood, as they provide water, and are important sources for fish and hydroelectric powers. Additionally, rivers such as the Amazon attract thousands of tourists annually. However, 17 countries do not have any rivers.

Groups of countries without rivers

1.Countries in the desert

Many countries without rivers are covered primarily by desert. These countries experience arid and semi-arid climates, with little or no rainfall throughout the year. The riverless countries in this category include Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, which is the largest country without a river.

2.Island Countries

Island countries is another category of countries without rivers. Riverless countries in this category include the Bahamas, Malta, Maldives, Nauru, and Comoros. Island countries are either too small to accommodate the flow of a river or do not have a landform high from which a river can flow.

3.Other Countries

Monaco and the Vatican, the two smallest countries in the world, are also riverless countries. The Vatican is located in Rome, Italy, with no river passing through it, despite the many rivers in Italy.

Countries Without Rivers

1. The Bahamas

2. Bahrain

3. Comoros

4. Kiribati

5. Kuwait

6. Maldives

7. Malta

8. Marshall Islands

9. Monaco

10. Nauru

11. Oman

12. Qatar

13. Saudi Arabia

14. Tuvalu

15. United Arab Emirates

16. Vatican City

17. Yemen

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