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The Animal That Runs Faster Than Leopards

The fact here is there are lots of animals that can run faster than the leopard despite its superb agility and speed. The leopard is a member of the Panthera genus i.e the big cats that roar and it also has a muscular body that allows it to rely on stealth rather than speed. Its speed hits around 58 km/h in short bursts and any duration longer than that makes it die from overheating.

These are the list of animals that are fast runners. They are;

1. The Cheetah: This is a leopard’s sympatric cousin that is so well built for speed. This animal has already gained a title for itself as the fastest land animal on earth although thanks to its slender body and non-retractile claws that gives it a good grip on the ground. The speed of a cheetah can reach over 120 km/h which is faster than any antelope which already makes it fast that it almost never touches the ground when running.

2. The Impala: This animal is efficient and a fast-runner that can hit speeds of around 80 km/h when trying to escape from a predator. Its hooves give it all the stamina it needs while the leopard (like all big cats) lacks endurance. It is even surprising that when it's escaping from its predators, a lot of gazelles resort to a behavior called pronking. This behavior consists of lifting all limbs simultaneously into the air.

This behavior is designed to signal the individual gazelle’s fitness and strength which makes hunting leopard to choose an animal with less speed.

3. The Horse: This is the last but not the least animal that has a high speed. The thoroughbreds and Arabian horses are the fastest breeds that have speeds that can reach up to 65–80 km/h.

Thanks and Stay Safe.

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