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Check out the most lethal flatulence (fart) in the world

Farts are a common occurrence among animals, including humans beings. However, do you know the most dangerous farts ever released, are from a very common and popular animal. Human farts are mostly just stinky, nothing more, and it causes embarrassing moments sometimes, especially if it happens in public. But there are a few animals that use their farts for very important, and crucial situations. There are a few species of snake that use their farts for defense against predators, while there are other animals and bugs that use it for preying, usually immobilising or killing their victim.

The most dangerous farts however, is the one 'released' by cattle. Yes, cows are ruminants i.e they have four chamber of stomach. These helps them break down their food and take in as much nutrient as possible. This has a negative side, as they release the most dangerous gas known. Methane, which causes burning is released with the other

gases in the fart. This compound gets into the atmosphere and absorbs oxygen. The current situation on global warming is made worse by this milk producers, and it's possible to get pretty bad.

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