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Meet The Only Animal In The World That Has A Bulletproof Body And Nothing Can Penetrate Its Body

A Mexican man has been going viral in the internet after he went on to shoot an innocent Armadillo, only for the bullets to ricochet back to him. He was left in a very serious condition and now those who witnessed the event are saying that armadillos are bulletproofed.

It is true that when you shoot at these creatures the bullets will ricochet back but that doesn't mean they are bulletproofed.

Photo credit: CNN

The rough shell that covers these animals' bodies was designed to help them survive in thorny and shrubby environments. The shell is made up of loosely attached bone plates called osteoderms that form on the skin and provide flexibility.

They're also protected by a covering of keratin, the protein that gives nails, hair, and horns their shape. This layer allows them to successfully hide from their predators by plunging into the heart of thorny plants where no one can reach them.

As a result, armadillos are not bulletproof, yet scientists have developed bulletproof jackets using this technology.

Evidently an armadillo shell can cause a 38 bullet to deflect instead of puncturing it. It is possible that such an impact could still kill the armadillo, since men wearing bulletproof vests suffer significant bruising when shots enter the vest

 Having no scientific studies proving the strength of armadillo armor against all calibers and types of bullets, I would suspect that they are bullet resistant rather than bulletproof. 

Photo credit: Google

The only way to find out one way or the other would be to take a dead armadillo’s intact armor and put it over the gel like material that acts like real flesh used by ballistics experts. That is the beauty of nature, and I challenge you, dear readers, to assist the world in environmental conservation.

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