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Rare Creature From The Pangolin Family(Photos)

Only God knows the limits of creatures living on this earth. Hundreds of new creatures are discovered every day.

This animal is one of the newly discovered creatures. The animal is believed to be from the same family as the pangolin. Pangolins or scaly pangolins are mammals of the order Pholidota. The only existing family Manidae has three genera: Manis, which includes four species found in Asia; Phataginus, which includes two species found in Africa; and Smutia, which includes two species also found in Africa.

Pangolins have very poor eyesight, so they rely heavily on their sense of smell and hearing. Pangolins also have no teeth, so they have developed other physical traits that help them eat ants and termites.

Pangolins are insectivores, which means they are special because they tend to only eat one or two insect species, even when many species are available. Pangolins can consume 140 to 200.

Pangolins are in great demand in traditional Chinese medicine in southern China and Vietnam, as their scales are believed to have healing properties. Their meat is also considered a delicacy. China and Vietnam are estimated to traffic in 100,000 each year, which numbered more than a million over the past decade.

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