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7 admirable qualities of an eagle

1. Visionary:

Eagles DON’T just step out of their nests and fly about AIMLESSLY. Vision inspires every flight and action.

Personal or leadership success begins with a clear vision. Before you step out daily, you must be very CLEAR about what you intend to do or accomplish – this is a critical success factor.

2. Relationship:

The Female Eagle will NOT settle for ANY male Eagle that is NOT RESPONSIBLE. Once in relationship, they stick together for life. Quality relationship and partnership must be built on COMMITMENT and RESPONSIBILITY.

3. Association:

Eagles will rather fly ALONE at a higher altitude than to keep a wrong COMPANYThey don’t ASSOCIATE with VULTURES because their PASSION and LIFESTYLE don’t connect. Who you associate with matters in the journey toward your destiny. Build your TEAM INTELLIGENTLY and STRATEGICALLY.

4. Current:

Eagles do not eat or feed on DECAYING meat. They feed on FRESH meat unlike the Vultures who eat dead and decaying animals.

To succeed in life you need to feed on current INFORMATION and fresh REVELATION. Always stay updated so that you don’t become outdated.

5. Building:

Eagles Build Wisely. In Job 39:27-29, it states, “Does the Eagle mount up at your command and make his nest on a high inaccessible place. On a cliff he dwells and remains securely upon the point of the rock and the stronghold. From there he spies out the prey and his eyes see it afar off. “(Amp. Version, Emphasis Mine). When It Comes to Building their Nest, Eagles exhibit the following Characteristics:


To have predictable success in life, build your life purposefully and protect whatever you are building.

6. Courage:

Eagles have an UNBREAKABLE SPIRIT. They don’t run from the STORMS. They use the stormy wind to SOAR to higher altitude. They take over when other birds take cover.

To succeed in life, you can turn your challenges into a divine advantage. You must NEVER QUIT when pursuing purpose.

7. Retreat:

Eagles retreat for renewal from time to time. They know when to retreat. Usually between 30-40 years old, Eagles withdraw from activity and retreat into a secrete place up on the mountains where they use their claws to tear off their Old ineffective feathers and knock off their beak.

They will bleed for a while and will not be seen flying for a while… But, suddenly fresh feathers begins to grow, their strength is renewed and they can now fly for another 30 Years.

To succeed in life, you must know when to retreat from activity in order to increase your productivity.

Content created and supplied by: Daniel67 (via Opera News )

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