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The Lake Which Is Suspended On Top Of A Mountain In Oyo State

A suspended lake is basically described as a lake that is found on top of a mountain. This kind of lake is very rare because most lakes are surrounded by land and are not found on top of a mountain which contains ductile minerals. It will interest you to know that there are only two recognized suspended lakes in the world; the first one is located in Colorado, U.S

The second recognized suspended lake in the world which happens to be the only one in Africa is Iyake Lake which is found in Iseyin Local Government Area of Oyo State. According to reports, the Lake was discovered around 1500AD by Dihormy refugees and this lake has some unique features, which are;

1. Iyake lake does not go dry even in dry seasons and this is a mystery to many because since the lake is found on top of a mountain, one would expect it to dry up during dry seasons.

2. The water level in Iyake lake remains the same in raining seasons.

The mountain where this lake is hanging is called the Ado Awaye mountain which has the name of the small community, Ado Awaye where this suspended lake is found.

File Photo: Iyake Lake In Oyo State | Credit: Vanguard

Myths Surrounding The Suspended Lake

Those who first settled in the community said that the Iyake lake was a barren woman who turned into water after she wasn't able to give birth to a child. Another myth surrounding the Iyake suspended lake is that it provides solutions to problems and when the water from the lake is consumed, it heals disease. People also believe that the water cures infertility.

File Photo: Iyake Lake | Credit: Vanguard

The lake which is bottomless has attracted people from different places who visit the suspended lake to see how beautiful it is for a lake to be found on top of a mountain. No one is allowed to swim or go into the lake.

Source: Vanguard

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