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Check Out How To Make Money On Plastic Bottle Waste.

Over hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles are produced and sold every year, with a great number of the plastics ending up in landfills. You can make money from the plastics bottles while others simply throw them away. Here are ideas on how to make money from plastic bottles waste:

Collect Plastic Bottles Waste

Get yourself an idea on how to gather plastic bottles. It's not necessary to pick plastic bottles around, you may go to offices or companies and let them know you can help them take care of their plastic bottles waste. You can also go to occasions like seminars, camps, parties where you can gather a quite number of plastic bottles of different sizes. You can also visit some houses in an estate for the collection of plastic waste, some of these house owners may even give you some cash for picking their plastics wastes. Tell your neighbors and friend, as well as on social media that you are available for plastic bottles waste to pick up.

Get It Sorted

Some recycling companies may request organized plastics in their categories for repurposing. Some bottles may be marked with some codes that will tell you what it is. Here are some plastic bottles codes and their meanings:

PETE or PET — Clear bottles with hard bases

PP —   Medicine bottles or Plastic bottles caps

LDPE — Squeeze bottles

HDPE — Opaque Plastic bottles

Packaging And Selling To Recycling Company

Once you have gathered and sorted the bottles, you can pack them in sacks or boxes with a tag of their types for easy recognition when it's time to sell. Some recycling companies may pay per bottle, some may pay per kilo, while some may pay for a particular number of bottles at a particular price. Do more researches on recycling companies and their offers.

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