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Papua's Sacred Forest Where Only Women are Allowed to Enter

In papua indonesia there is a mangrove forest that only women are allowed to enter.

If a man is found inside this scared forest, he will be made to pay a fine.

This forest for ages has been a place were generation of papua women have gathered wood, seafood and also share stories.

The forest is strictly, only for women and any man caught venturing into the Papua's sacred forest; is taken to the local village council were he will be punished, or made to pay a fine which could cost about $69.

The most interesting fact is that, only women are expected to venture far into the forest and are expected "to walk in nak*ed." This a custom and traditional rite of the papua people.

Fact about Papua forest.

The Papua forest is home to over 602 bird species, 20,000 plant species, 125 different mammal species, 223 reptile species. Ranking as one of the world most biodiverse forest. The Forest also support local people who rely on it for a source of livelihood.

In previous times, the Papua forest faced massive deforestation over 663, 443 hacters However, the Forest still retains a large proportion of vegetation despite massive deforestation, as gorvernment is keeping it in check.

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Papua Sacred Forest


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