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Checkout These Four Rivers That Are Pink In Colour Instead Of Blue

You might be thinking that it's only in movies and cartoons you can see rivers and lakes that are pink in color. Don't be too surprised. Some real rivers and lakes color pink around the globe. And today, I'll be showing you just four of them, two lakes, one river, and a lagoon.

Lake Retba in Senegal

This lake is also called Lac Rose. It was named because of its pink color and it lies north of the Cap-Vert peninsula of Senegal. This microorganism, Dunaliella salina algae is responsible for making the lake color pink. And the lake also has about 40% salt content.

Cusco's Red Or Pink River

This river is found in Cusco, Peru. It either colors red or pink. The rain run-off from Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain which happens to be close to the river happens to be the reason for the existence of this river. What causes this river to have two different colors is the different mineral contents which are found in different layers of the soil. The pink color of the river is a result of mineral-rich sedimentary rocks which are been washed off the hillsides when it rains. While the red color is a result of the red sandstone which is full of iron oxide.

Cameron Waterfalls in Waterton Lakes National Park

Unlike others that are always pink, this particular one only turns pink when there is heavy rain. Like every other waterfall, the water is crystal clear but only on normal days. The water turns pink due to sediment called agrolite when it rains heavily. When the agrolite gets mixed with water, it makes the river color pink and even red when the water gets hit by light.

The Pink Lake of Las Coloradas

This lake is located at the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The Las Coloradas Is a Spanish word that means blush red. The water is pink in color because of the red-colored algae, plankton, and brine shrimp that create a magenta pink hue as they live in the water.

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Cusco Lac Rose. Peru Red Or Pink River


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