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Sea Pig, The Creature That Breathes From It's Anus, Other Animals Cannot Eat it

Scotoplanes also known as sea pigs are genus of deep-sea sea cucumber which belongs to the Elpidiidae family. They are tiny creatures of about 4-6 inches (15 cm) long and have an enlarged tube feet that looks like a leg.

Sea Pigs uses water cavities within the skin for either inflation or deflation which allows the appendages to move.

Where are they found?

They are found in deep sea region around the world and mainly found in the San Diego coast, also in the Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Pacific oceans.

What do they eat?

They are known to feed on decaying plants and animals found in deep sea mud.

Are they edible?

Sea pigs are not edible due to the presence of poisonous chemical in their skin.

How long do they live?

Sea Pigs have a life expectancy about 72-100 years

What is their skin made of?

Their skin is made up of toxic chemical called 'holothurin' which is very poisonous to other animals.

Do they have predators?

Sea pigs do not have much predators like other animals; the only threat they have are parasites which consumes their flesh from inside out.

How do they breath?

Sea Pigs are known to breathe with its anus, this is as a result of poorly developed respiratory system.

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