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Opinion: If You See A Snake In Your Room, Do These 3 Things Immediately To Remain Safe

Snake is one of the most deadliest reptiles. Most people get frightened by just beholding it, not to talk of touching it.

But a time may come in our lifetime, where you may see a snake in your house or even inside your room, and you will have to confront and kill it by yourself.

That is why getting this knowledge is very important. If you see a snake in your house, here are 3 things you should do to keep yourself safe.

1. Stay Completely Calm

This may be a little difficult to do, but it's completely necessary.

When you are nervous you are liable to make mistakes, which can be very dangerous in this case, so be calm, don't shout or make unnecessary noises.

2. Make Use Of Chemicals

This is the second step to take. Go around and find insecticides or kerosene that would do the trick. Pour it on the snake, and make sure it touches the body. At this point, the snake may be restless, but the chemical will restrict its movements.

3. Go For The Head

Remember, if you want to kill a snake, you must take it out from the head, so that is exactly what you have to do. Get a broom, cutlass, or any hard material you feel will be very effective, hit the head as hard as you can, and don't stop till you are sure it's dead.

Then lastly dispose off the body properly, setting it on fire is advisable.

Thank you, Share With Friends And Educate Them

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