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5 Birds that cannot fly (photos)

Different factors allows an animal to be categorised as a bird but the most coincidental quality of all birds is that they can fly. Everybody naturally expect all birds to fly but there are some that do not fly and we will be looking at 5 of them.

These birds are known as flightless birds who through evolution, lost their abilities to fly and sometimes, it is just because of their weight.

1. Penguins

The controversy over the classification of Penguins to be birds or fishes have been on for so long but if you notice how the penguin swims, it is like a bird flying.

Penguins lay eggs, they have wings, they are warm blooded but through evolution, their wings became flippers according to scientists. Penguins cannot fly because their flippers are designed to swim and not lift themselves into flight.

2. Cassowary

This bird which is considered as the world's most dangerous bird is another large bird that cannot fly but can run very fast just like it can swim fast. The Cassowary breastbone lacks the keel that anchors the strong pectoral muscle that birds need to fly.

3. Emu

This is the second largest bird in the world, they are very strong, powerful and fearless that they have been said to often attack humans as they are very protective of their young. They also cannot fly!

4. Kiwi

These bird is another large bird whose eggs are the biggest in the world. Scientists suggest that their ancestors lost the ability to fly after they got lazy over time as there were no predators in their native New Zealand.

5. Ostrich

The tallest and largest bird in the world cannot fly. The Ostrich's eggs are the hardest in the world, this bird can be as tall as 9ft and as heavy as 140kg, the size can be a very good reason it doesn't fly.

Which other bird do you know that cannot fly?

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Cassowary Penguins


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