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Meet The Penguin That Goes To The Market With A Backpack To Buy Fish That It Will Eat

Animals have proven countless times that they can think like a human being, they sometimes put in some human characteristics into their lifestyles either by observing or training. So today we have a unique character who took the observation skill and then implementing it into his life to the next level.

His name is Lala he's a king penguin who lives in Antarctica, during migration, he got stuck on a net and a fisherman from Japan saved and took him into his family.

They fed this penguin every day and even provided an air-conditioned room because of his adaptation features.

Then when they felt comfortable going out, they took lala to the market and got him fish there, and he loved it he learned routes to it since Japanese streets are calm in the countryside.

Then after some time lala requested a backpack to use to carry fish bought from the market, he was later recorded in this act and went viral during 2008, and now I'm bringing you the news, Lala is still alive.


It's nice to know they're animals that won't wait for their owners to get food for them, they'll simply pick their money and get their food, thanks for reading.

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