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Top Three Most Dangerous Animals in the World.

There are some pretty beautiful animals in the world, and so are there dangerous ones.

Today, We'll be listing the top five most dangerous animals in the world.

Here they are:

3. Black Mamba:

The black mamba isn't the most poisonous snake alive, but it's the most fastest. It's incredible speed is what makes it extremely dangerous as it can reach up to 12.5 miles per hour. Black Mambas grow up to 14 feet long. They naturally don't attacked until they're threatened, but when they do so, they'll bite repeatedly. 

If a victim of a black Mamba's bite isn't given an antivenom within 20 minutes, the bites are 100% fatal.

2.Saltwater Crocodile:

Of all the Crocodile family and species, the saltwater Crocodile is the largest and most dangerous. It is fearsome, easily -- provoked and short tempered. Each saltwater Crocodile can grow up to 23 feet in length and weigh up to one ton. Saltwater Crocodiles are responsible for hundreds of fatalities each year, with the general crocodile species responsible for more human fatalities than sharks. 

What makes saltwater Crocodiles very dangerous is their excellent swimming ability in both salt and freshwater, and they can strike a bite quickly delivering 3,700 pounds per square inch of pressure ( which is more intense than that of a T-Rex).

1.Sydney Funnel Web Spider:

A bite from a funnel web is a serious cause for alarm. The toxin in their venom causes the human nervous system to short out. It has been determined that fatality due to a bite from a funnel web in adults can occur within 30 minutes. 

Funnel webs are found very close to humans as they tend to seek shelter in closed places like shoes. What makes then more dangerous is their ability to pierce through hard things like a human fingernail or even a shoe repeatedly.

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