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UBANG: The Tourism Community Where Males And Females Speak Different Dialects

Male and female speakers of most languages across the globe usually use a similar dialect when communicating. However, the case seems to be different among the Ubang speaking people.

With over 11,000 speakers, Ubang people are native to Obudu local government area of Cross River State popular for its tourist attractions. They speak the Bendi group of languages which includes Bekwarra, Bumaji, Alege, and so on - One thing that distinguishes them from the others is the difference in some vocabulary used by males and females.

Obudu Hill.

At birth, a child grows up communicating with the female dialect irrespective of gender. The lingo immediately changes for the male kids after they pass the age of ten. He stops calling water 'Amu' and instead says 'Bamule'. Though both genders can understand each other without an interpreter, it is against the culture for a male to speak the female dialect and vice versa.

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Bekwarra Bendi Bumaji Obudu Obudu Hill


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