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Land Owners should stop rearing pigs in residential area

Raising pigs by landowners has become a profitable business especially in the eastern part of the country, many people do it to make money, while others do it for consumption. However, there have been various ways in which these farmers have been making a mistake that may affect the health of people living around them, one of them is building their pigs house in a place where people live.

Raising your pigs in a residential area can lead to the following problems.

1). Damage to people's health: Building a pigs house where people live is not proper because the smell from it may be harmful to those living around the area.

2). May limits improvement in the animals: It might limit the growth and development of these animals because they can't cope with the noisy environment as a result of anxiety.

3). May cause civil and social unrest: There might always be a commotion between the farmer and people around there and even the government environmental worker who might be against how the pigs house was built.

In conclusion, the government should make sure that anyone who wants to practice pigs farm do it in the right way without affecting the health of the citizens.

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